Achieve Better™

Connect behaviors to results through data

Goal-oriented, industry-focused solutions

At Focus Ten Consulting, we help industrial distributors and manufacturers Achieve Better™ sales, marketing, and operations results by connecting behaviors to results through data.

Why do we do this? To us, it’s simple: behaviors create results. In other words, goals don’t achieve themselves. 

We know this is true because we teach our children the value of practice and effort through school, sport, and extracurriculars. But in business, we often focus on the outcome and ignore the practice. 

At Focus Ten Consulting, we help you capture the information to find the connections, develop reporting that makes it easy to see, produce predictive models to encourage better behavioral focus and provide wrap-around coaching for leaders and managers. 


We know the challenges distributors face. Let's work together to solve your sales, marketing, and operations challenges.


You make the stuff that makes the world work. Focus Ten Consulting can help you find ways to improve outcomes.


Put your Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation software to work together to find, target, engage, and capture new business.

Descriptive Analytics

Focus Ten Consulting can help you see your business landscape. We build descriptive, easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that communicate actionable information.

Predictive Analytics

It's impossible to know the future, but some predictions are better than others. Building on your data, we help you see what's coming.


Business isn't easy - why go it alone? Focus Ten Consulting provides proven advice to business-to-business sellers that generates results.