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What is a CRM?

CRM, which stands for “Client Relationship Management is a powerful tool for helping a sales team reach their highest potential through tracking and reporting on client relationships affecting behaviors and activities.  

Numerous factors can affect a client relationship. To name a few examples:

  1. Interactions with the sales team
  2. Collections calls
  3. Vendor problems
  4. Delivery issues
  5. New product offerings
  6. Promotions

Therefore, a good system should track:

  1. Account and contact management
  2. Call planning and recording results
  3. Opportunity tracking
  4. Task management
  5. Quote management
  6. Communication management 

I've heard CRM systems fail a lot

Yes, they do often fail. Specifically, bad implementations lead to failure. CRM systems fail when they aren’t being used effectively. Implementing a CRM system can be expensive and failure-prone. CRM software is a powerful tool that excites managers and technology leaders – and they overfocus on the tools themselves. This mindset leads to less-than-successful implementations.  

Just as a buzzsaw can be an ineffective tool in the hand of an untrained carpenter, the most advanced software systems in the world are hardly useful if they aren’t used effectively and consistently by the users. When you partner with Focus Ten Consulting for your B2B CRM implementation, you’re working with a team that understands how to put process first and adapt tools to your reality.  

Why do I need a CRM?

Your sales team may be good, but they could be exceptional with the proper CRM system implementation. With the right system, not only can you efficiently manage your existing relationships, but you can also accurately predict what is coming around the corner. A user-friendly CRM solution empowers both staff and clients.  

With our decades of combined experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries, Focus Ten can help your company with the complicated process of maximizing relationships with both clients and potential clients.  

What makes a good implementation?

A good CRM system should allow users to easily interact with their data. Effective CRMs should work with your sellers and help them identify any possible blind spots. A “one-size-fits-all” solution does not exist for all companies across the board. There is a whole host of CRM systems out there, and there’s no single best “one-size-fits-all” system – just the right one for your situation. This is where Focus Ten comes in. We find the best CRM solutions for the specific needs of each unique company.  

How does Focus Ten help with CRM implementation?

Focus Ten Consulting starts by assuming that your sales team can already proficiently carry out their jobs. We understand that their sales process has brought them the success and comfort that they enjoy, and we also understand that they may be reluctant to make any changes in that process. We use our descriptive discovery techniques to find out how your firm is successful at selling. We know and recognize that there is more than one sales process in any firm, so we model a sales process that respects these differences, while also harmonizing with your sellers’ sales processes.

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