Markets are changing, don't get left behind

Change is ever-present but the pace of change certainly isn’t constant. Changes in manufacturing have driven innovation, efficiency, and economic growth. Modern manufacturing became finely tuned and hyper-efficient. But we’ve seen that upsets from vulnerable supply chains can interrupt the biggest players. Insight and understanding of your client base, lead funnel, opportunity pipeline, and backlog can help you plan – even in turbulent waters. 

We build knowledge with you

As a manufacturer, you must have accurate and reliable information to make sound decisions. We work with you to harness the data in your CRM, ERP, and MRP systems. We’ll help you build models and reports that intuitively visualize that data into actionable information. At Focus Ten Consulting, we help you build connections between sales behaviors and operations outcomes. 

Driving results through behaviors

Manufacturers often have niche verticals over a wide territory, which means they often use outside rep agencies. Managing third-party reps is a challenge, even for the most seasoned leaders. When you partner with Focus Ten Consulting, we can help you build information-rich, behavior-driving portals with reports, dashboards, and scorecards. These portals keep your agents engaged with your brand, your products, and your customers.  

You’ve come a long way, but there’s always road ahead

Comfort is the enemy of progress. We’ve seen that risk lurks around the corner – and it’s impossible to predict. Predictive analytics are powerful when properly modeled and correctly applied. Our team of analysts understands the capabilities and limitations of predictive modeling. At Focus Ten Consulting, we believe in the power of data mining and machine learning, when it’s paired with skilled leaders and decision-makers.  

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