Relationship Building — Goals for a “No Normal” World

This our cat; his name is Reese. Reese is a big tough boy when he’s around people he knows. But, when somebody new comes into the room, he’s the first one under the couch. When he’s in an environment that he knows, Reese is confident and commanding. When he experiences a change in his world, […]

Can you see your sales cycle in your CRM?

If you look at your deal or opportunity record in your CRM system, you’ll see a field for the sales stage. Typically, CRM systems use this field to help sellers express the odds of closing business. For example, you’re more likely to get a deal that you’ve quoted than a potential project that you’ve just identified. It’s intuitive and helps the system build an estimated pipeline value. It […]

Are In-Person Sales Calls a Thing of the Past?

As we work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re learning to live our lives differently. Gone are restaurants, theaters, bars, clubs, daycares, gyms, and, for many, the office. CNBC interviewed a Shark Tank Shark, Robert Herjavec. He said that we are “living the future,” and that while we may return to offices, remote and at-home working is here to stay.   […]