Why is coaching important?

Even if you have all the necessary tools for success, they can be inadequate if they are not being utilized to their fullest potential. Workers can be very slow to adapt to recommended changes without effective training or coaching. In short, it is the most effective way to change behaviors in the long term.  

What is the difference between coaching and training?

Training focuses largely on the technical side and developing new skills. Coaching has a longer-term focus and concentrates on developing existing skills and developing confidence in using those skills. It could be said that it is more about the development of the person, not just the skills.  

How does Focus Ten approach coaching and training?

In the diverse world of business, a “one size fits all” approach simply does not work. That is why we have designed unique training & coaching services to give you the expert guidance needed to grow your business and navigate the challenges that are unique to your business. Our services are tailored for the specific needs of manufacturing and distribution companies. 

Training & coaching as an investment in tools & technology

At Focus Ten we employ our training and coaching services as an investment in tools and technology. This process generally goes chronologically as follows: 

  1. New tools 
  2. User adoption 
  3. Leader adoption
  4. Leader/follower communication 
  5. Affected outcomes
  6. Review progress 
  7. Revise tool

The “user adoption” and “leader adoption” steps are where training is applied. Leader/follower communication involves both training and coaching. Affected outcomes and review progress are achieved via coaching. The final step, revising tools, is a step of enhancement and growth that comes as a result of the preceding process of training and coaching.  

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