Descriptive Analytics

What are descriptive analytics?​

Descriptive analytics are a statistical method used to search and summarize historical and/or current data to identity patterns and meanings. Your company has a great deal of historical data, as all companies do. That data has massive potential to contribute to your company’s growth, but only when it can be analyzed effectively.


Why are descriptive analytics important for my company?

Descriptive Analytics are required for the initial stage of data analysis. Before you start making predictions with your data, and before you can propose changes to your business, you need a clear understanding of the bigger picture. When you work with Focus Ten Consulting, we strive to ensure you’re positioned to transform data into information that safeguards high-quality operations, accelerates your business’s vision, and gives you a competitive advantage.

How does Focus Ten Consulting utilize descriptive analytics?

We guarantee a thorough and impartial analysis of your company’s data. We use business intelligence software, such as Microsoft Power BI, to summarize historic and current data with easy-to-read visuals.

We also offer geographic data analysis services using Esri ArcGIS – the world’s leading geographic information systems mapping software. We create maps that visually contextualize your company’s geographic data, which allows us to see where your company is meeting and exceeding goals or falling behind.


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